Risk Management and Railroad Contract Cleaning – Case Study

Risk management and the railroad go together. Here you have locomotives, and often hundreds of tons of equipment, hoodpay one mistake and it could ruin your whole day. Further, huisentuinpassie there are a considerable number of accidents in rail yards, especially with people jumping off the train and twisting their ankles. The injuries and ankle injuries are quite common, along with back injuries for maintenance personnel, and rail yard workers due to the weight of all the equipment.

Even a knuckle or coupler, tossncook which hooks two railcars together weighs 90 pounds. Everything weighs a lot, and you can see how quickly things can get out of hand, and how dangerous it can be if safety procedures were not followed to the tee. Over the years before retirement our company made quite a bit of money steam cleaning and power washing locomotive engines and equipment. We were nearly a top priority for the railroad.

Why you ask? It was simple, because grease and oil, soot and debris would accumulate along the catwalk railings. It was a slip and fall personal injury disaster waiting to happen. And they were glad to pay us $60 an hour for as long as we cared to work (back in the 80s that was good money). And it seems they never ran out of work for us to do either. Believe it or not, the union guys were happy to have us there because the locomotives were clean, and thus, daihatsumedan much more pleasurable to operate.

Normally the union guys on large job sites like this would give us a hard time constantly, even threaten our guys. (union guys can get rather hostile at times). They would say things like; “that should zmiiv be a union job,” and make our life hell, sometimes purposely sabotage our work, equipment, or play what they considered to be practical jokes (we certainly didn’t see it that way).

But when it came to cleaning the trains, for reasons of risk management, I assure you that the union conductors and the management both were very happy with the safety factor, usdailyglobe the aesthetics, and the ability to work in a clean environment. Please consider all this.


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