LA Hotels Decorated by Famous Interior Designers

Look out Super 8, milliondollarluxe here comes style! Hotels are upping the ante with some outstanding and innovative decorating by outstanding, world famous interior designers like Vicente Wolf, Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, foiz and Kelly Wearstler. Attention to detail and color gives life to the weary eyes of travelers inspiring a sense of peace and wellbeing unlike anything else one has experienced before. These architects of style have gone above and beyond “window treatments” to inspire and fulfill the imagination. The creative and decadent attention to the most minute details go above and beyond to ensure that these venues are the perfect getaways for romantic encounters, special occasions, business, achill3 or any time you want the very best!

Staying at the Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive, you find yourself surrounded by a luxury boutique hotel located Entertainment News in the heart of the world famous shopping venue in Los Angeles. Each of the 88 guestrooms and suites offer a delectable feast of lovely art and sleek décor that surrounds you with decadence and comfort. Setting the standard for luxury, konomiah world famous decorator, Vicente Wolf, completed a 15 million dollar renovation that combines classic boutique warmth with chic stimulation and a spirit of relaxed ambiance bursting with elegant refinery. This hotel features touches like private sundecks with breathtaking views, plush bathrobes, voodoomoving twice daily maid service and personal valet service to ensure that your stay is completely relaxing with a touch of heavenly abundance. The Luxe is one of the few luxury hotels in L.A. where you can easily leave your car behind to enjoy the many popular attractions nearby. This unique feature makes the Luxe ideal for weekend getaways, shopping excursions and business meetings in the area. A stay at this decadent, beautifully decorated hotel will give new meaning to the word luxury.

In the heart of West Hollywood, the bold dynamism at the Mondrian is the work of mastermind Benjamin Noriega Ortiz. This luxury boutique hotel features inspiration drawn from the peaceful coastal landscapes of Southern California and captures the spirit of the Sunset Strip with its excitement, glamour and sensuality. The bold entrance through the Mondrian’s thirty foot tall, mahogany doors leads to an entryway of creamy whites and marigold colors bathed in sensuous daylight. Progressing into the lobby warmth embraces your sensations with rapture of deep blues and purples that this visionary designer boldly proclaims as an induction to a richly colored drink for the soul. From custom-designed furniture, whimsical contrast in scale, delicate organic features and elegant reflective surfaces and subtle textures, the Mondrian is a feast for the eyes to behold. Friendly, personal service and an abundance of suite extras make each room a place you will never want to leave…and with their attentive room service and appealing in room menu, you won’t have to!

Viceroy Santa Monica offers an experience of ever-soothing decadence inspired by the sea in soft colors and textiles that speak of comfort and romance in every form. The visionary behind the Viceroy Hotel is the world sensation, Kelly Wearstler, who has combined working efficiency with the bounty of ocean views to compliment the 162 rooms filled with details that bring one to the understanding that heaven and earth are not as far apart as was once imagined. Spend each evening gazing into the panoramic views of the deep blue Pacific Ocean, swim in the depths of a spectacular pool surrounded by palms, or enjoy the nightlife of beautiful Santa Monica! You will find that when you return to the luxury of the Viceroy in the evening you can surround your senses with delicate organics and warm colors combined with decadent textiles. Plump down blankets and pillows fully embrace your body in restful sleep making any vacation seem too good to be true at this cosmopolitan coastal paradise.


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