The New Age Movement Vs Christianity – Part 1

I want to clearly show you in this report how the principles of the NAM and of the bible are diametrically opposed.

The New Age Movement (NAM) is a revamped combination of ancient religious, traditions and practices. The movement gets its name from the belief in the emergence of the “Age of Aquarius”. In addition to ancient influences, the NAM is deeply rooted in the counterculture movement of the 1960’s. Note: For brevity purposes, in this report I refer to the New Age Movement as the NAM. skyemetalcoating

It is hard to get an estimate of the number of New Age believers since it encompasses so many belief systems (such as reincarnation, the occult, etc.). In America alone it is estimated that 10,000,000 people believe in or practice the NAM in one way or another. However, when you add related beliefs such as in reincarnation, and other Far Eastern beliefs in the USA and the world; then the global membership is believed to be much, much greater. It truly fits the description of a harlot religion as described in end time bible prophecies.

A common belief among the NAM is that mankind has or will soon enter a new age known as the Age of Aquarius, whereby man will finally come to embrace love, joy, peace, abundance, and harmony among peoples and nations; the Golden Age of man. So based on what is happening around the world today, it is clear that this new age of peace is nowhere in sight.

I am going to clearly show you how the principles of the NAM and of the bible are diametrically opposed. You CANNOT believe in the God of the bible if you embrace the New Age philosophy. I want to re-emphasize that they are diametrically opposed – absolute opposites! They are like light versus darkness, day vs. night, like polarity, and to coin a phrase familiar with New Agers – they are opposites like “Yin and Yang”. villanyt-szerel

The Genesis of the New Age Movement (NAM)

The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius. It is similar to the Mayan belief in separate ages. According to the Age of Aquarius believers, the planet goes through large astronomical cycles which can be identified astrologically; the prior two thousand years were described as the Age of Pisces, which has now given way to the Age of Aquarius. This age is believed to last for about 2000 years, before being replaced by another age. receptek However, the “new” in the words “New Age” are deceptive to begin with. Although they represent that it is new because of a supposed new age that will be heralded in by astrological signs (Age of Aquarius and other Astrology influences), almost every other belief and practice have ancient roots. izomautok

Even the NAM’s “New Age of Aquarius” theme is old news – it is Astrology based. Astrology has been around since ancient times – it is the belief that the heavenly bodies affect humans throughout their life cycle.

The mystery of the stars and planetary movements is something that attracts many followers to the NAM; but the NAM is just rehashing old mythology and embellishing it as if the movement of the constellation Aquarius will somehow release some kind of divine essence into man; converting man to a God or Goddess. Kind of sounds like ancient Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Roman Mythology all over again – doesn’t it? To learn more about the root of and the

Many practices of this cult movement such as astrology, clairvoyance, divination, witchcraft/sorcery, necromancy (consulting the dead), and spiritism are clearly and strongly condemned in Scripture (Deuteronomy 18: 9-17; Isaiah 47: 9-15; Rev. 17). Many of these occult practices originated from the mystery religions of the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian, Chaldeans, and Egyptians. zarban

Both evangelical Christians and Catholics have expressed concern over the NAM and its influence. The Roman Catholic Church for example published A Christian reflection on the New Age in 2003, following a six-year study; the 90-page document criticizes New Age practices such as yoga, meditation, feng shui, and crystal healing. According to the Vatican, euphoric states attained through New Age practices should not be confused with prayer or viewed as signs of God’s presence. epit-esz

The NAM’s Lord Maitreya

Regarding Nam’s claim of the coming “Christ” their Lord Maitreya” – it is interesting how many cults attempt to invoke the name of Christ in an attempt to legitimize or add credibility to their own faith and false doctrines.

Other anti-Christian dogma within NAM is that one of the requirements for a person to enter the New Age is that he or she will have to take what is known as a “Luciferic Initiation,” an allegiance of sorts to the god of the New Age and to his proposed New World Order.

Although the NAM appears to have a liberal approach to all religions, its basic philosophy undermines the Judeo-Christian faith and all of its beliefs; in that one of NAMs fundamental practices is Gnosticism; the Luciferic principle that “divinity” lies inside of man and not solely within the sovereign God of the universe. They believe that it is natural for man to worship man or self, as man is god.

It bears a remarkable resemblance to the apostate world religion that H.G. Wells had predicted that mankind would embrace at a future time.

More importantly is the similarity between the NAMs goal for a worldwide religion and Antichrist’s one world religion that will be embraced by all unbelievers at the time of the end as prophesied in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 13, 17).

In the following verse you can substitute “the beast” with the charismatic person who will control all commerce, and will demand the worship of all unbelievers at the time of the end; which the New Agers call the Maitreya:

Rev. 13:14-18

Below are some specific areas were New Age and Christian principles are diametrically opposed; and the first two should get your attention!

Christianity – Lucifer is Satan


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