What to Consider When Buying a WiFi Router

Does modern technology scare you?

Does the shear magnitude of technological terms and specifications make you cringe?

Do you need a router to connect several computers to the Internet at the same time? Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry we are about to reveal everything you need to know and more about wireless routers and what to look for when you are buying. We’ll try to keep it as simple as possible and answer all your questions too.

Lets start with what a router is. A router allows you to create a home network. What this means is that each of the computers in your house can connect to the Internet at the same time. If you are a more advanced router user you may even want to use it to connect your computer to other computers or other hardware, but that’s a discussion for another article.

Living in a world with so many computers probably means every household is likely to have more than one computer. This leads to the need for a home network, 5G WiFi Router United Kingdom where each family member can use the Internet without having to take turns. If you get a wireless router (WiFi router), and you should, it can also really clear up the clutter of wires. In turn, a wireless router also gives access to laptops, providing great freedom and flexibility to work anywhere you want. If you’re using a smaller wireless router in a hotel you may even be able to work poolside. Now that’s some incentive!

Here are some things to consider when buying a router:

  • Will this router work for your operating system (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.)?
  • Is it fast enough? Look for an N or g router (802.11g for example).
  • Does the router you are interested in have reasonable range (if it’s wireless)?
  • Check On-line or with your local retailer to make sure the router you choose meets the above specs


In closing, a router is a powerful tool for any computer user. You will likely find many uses for it. It can even be configured for use with printers, fax machines, and many other pieces of computer hardware. Most routers provide largely the same features, so just be sure you know the answers to the questions in the bulleted list and you will be on your way to being a router aficionado.


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